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Welcome Future Bride! Below you will find the answers to commonly asked questions when it comes to bridal hair. I include helpful tips and information on what to expect from booking to choosing a hairstyle. I look forward to working with you on your big day! 



“How do I book you for my wedding day hair?”

  • Reserved date is only secured when BOTH a signed contract as well as a $500 non-refundable and non-transferable retainer have been received. To be fair to all brides, there are no soft-hold on dates. 

“How far in advance should I book hair services for my wedding?”

  • As soon as you know your date! My Saturday availability usually gets booked up a year in advance since Saturdays are the most popular day to get married. If you like my work and would like to work together, please contact me ASAP. I only take one wedding per day to give my Bride my fullest attention.

“Is there a minimum for booking?”

  • There is a Bride + 3 minimum booking or equivalent value for Friday-Sunday weddings (not including travel, valet parking, second stylist, & holiday rate). 


“What other fees may apply?”

  • Travel, valet parking, second stylist, early morning convenience, holiday convenience, etc.


"Do you provide hourly touch-up services?"

  • Yes, I do provide hourly hair touch-up service for you and your bridal party, veil placement adjustment, and a second hair change (second hair change rate will apply). 


"Do you leave and come back to do reception touch-ups and a second hair change?"

  • No, touch up begins at the end of contracted services.

“Can I book the minimum services now and add more later?“  

  • Once contract is signed, number of services cannot be decreased. If you would like to request to add on more services later, I will let you know if I am able to accommodate the request IF a second stylist is available. If I am unable to accommodate the request, additional services cannot be added to the contract. It is important to get an accurate count of confirmed services as early as possible.


“Can I add on more hair services day of?”

  • Only if time permits when all contracted services have been completed.


“I am getting married outside of Chicago, IL. Will you travel to me?”

  • Yes, I can! A travel fee will apply. If getting-ready location is 1.5 hours or more away, hotel accommodation will be required. If this is a destination wedding, accommodations such as flights, meals, and hotel will be required. 


“Do you offer makeup services?”

  • I do not offer makeup services, but I have an exclusive group of amazing makeup artist professionals that I often work with at weddings. Once hair services are booked with me, I can give you a list of makeup artist referrals. 


“Can you accommodate a large bridal party?”

  • Only where additional stylists are available. Additional stylist fee, travel, and parking will apply.

"Do you offer large group discounts or military discounts?"

  • There are no discounts offered at this time.



"Is a hair preview required for booking my wedding date?"

  • A hair preview is required for all Brides. A hair preview is the time for us to work together to customize your perfect look. It will allow you to test the longevity of the style and we can make any adjustments necessary on the day of your wedding based on how the style wears. Without a hair preview, we may not have enough time to make any adjustments on the day of wedding service.

“Can I do a hair preview first and then book my wedding date after?”

  • Hair preview is reserved exclusively for booked Brides only. 


"How far in advance should I book my hair preview appointment?" 

  • I recommend booking a preview appointment 3-6 months before your wedding date. 

"I would like to try a half-up style AND an updo at my preview. Is this possible?"

  • Your preview includes 1-2 customized style and appointment is up to 2 hours. We can absolutely try a second style if the second style can be easily transitioned from the first style. 


“Can I bring children and pets to my preview appointment?”

  • For liability purposes, children and pets are not allowed.


“Can I bring my friends and family to my hair preview appointment?" 

  • You may bring one additional guest with you to your preview appointment. This is a time for you and I to customize a style to you. Having too many people and too many opinions can slow down the appointment. 

“Do you recommend booking my hair preview on the same day as my bridal shower?” 

  • It is completely up to you! But I do not recommend this. If you do the same look twice, it would diminish the element of surprise for your wedding day. I recommend setting two appointments on separate days: one for your hair preview and one for your bridal shower hair.  



"How would you describe your bridal styles?"

  • Soft, romantic, effortless, textured, and natural. If this describes the look you are going for, we could be a great fit! Book here! 

“How should I prep my hair for my appointment?”

  • Everyone receiving services must come with CLEAN DRY hair (washed the night before preferably). If you have curly hair and you are looking for a smooth style, please blow dry smooth but do not use a flat iron. The longevity of your style will not be guaranteed if your hair has any moisture in it when styling.


“I have curly hair and I want to embrace my curls in my style. Is this possible? How should I prep by hair?”

  • Yes! I LOVE working with curly hair and enhancing them in an upstyle. Prep: Wash hair the night before and use your regular moisturizing products. 

“I heard styling hair is easier when hair is dirty”

  • This is FALSE. With the advancement of styling products today, it is easier for stylists to add in grit and texture with hair products than to try to style greasy oily hair.

“Are blowouts being offered?” 

  • Styling is done of clean dry hair only. No blow-dries and blowouts are provided. 

“What should I look for when I look for hair inspiration photos?” 

  • Look for hairstyles with similar hair color, texture, and length as you. If you have dark brunette hair, look for hairstyles with dark hair. If you have blonde hair, look for blonde styles. This will give you a realistic expectation of how your hair may look.


My hair is stick straight and does NOT hold a curl well. Can I still do a half up style or have my hair down with curls?

  • Short answer: I am a hairstylist, not a magician. I wish I was a magician though! Wouldn't that be cool? If your hair is stubborn straight: no amount of products, hot tools, and hair techniques will guarantee the curls will last all day. Unless you are planning to book touch up services to refresh your style,  I highly recommend putting your hair into an updo or a whimsical braided style to ensure a long-lasting result. Trust me, you do not want to have to worry about your hair going straight throughout your day.


But I really want to try and see if my hair can hold curls. What can I do?

  • Option 1: Bring 100% real human hair clip-in extensions to your hair preview. Good quality hair extensions mixed with your natural hair can help with longevity of curls.

  • Option 2: When the hair is too healthy, your hair will not hold a curl. Same thing goes when your hair is too compromised from overprocessing. If your hair is too healthy and it will not hold a curl, having some highlights put in can help. Also, having layers in your hair can help lighten your hair and the curls to not be weighed down. A hair preview will let you see if this is the right style for you.

Click HERE for more information about what to expect at your hair preview.

“What kind of clip-in extensions should I buy?”

  • Clip-in extensions must be 100% human hair. Synthetic hair will not curl and it will melt with the use of hot tools.




"When should I set my service end time for my wedding day?"

  • Hair service end time will be set 45 minutes to 1 hour before you need to head out the door for your first look and/or ceremony.


“How can I leave a gratuity?”

  • Gratuity is not required but is always truly appreciated. If you decide to give your stylist a gratuity for their great service, please hand a cash envelope directly to your stylist. Industry standard is 18-20% of service just like in the salon.


“Can I add on additional stylists to shorten the getting ready time?”

  • Yes, but only when additional stylists are available. Inquire about adding an additional stylist as soon as possible and I will let you know if this request may be accommodated. Minimum of 4 services per hairstylist or equivalent value is required.

“Will my hairstyle last all day?”

  • Different products and techniques are customized based on your hair and style for long-lasting results! The longevity of your style depends on a lot of factors: your hair type (whether it holds curls well), the hairstyle you choose, your dress, hair techniques, products used, weather conditions (indoor vs. outdoor, humidity, heat, sweat,), etc. These are factors to consider when you are choosing your hairstyle. A hair preview would allow you to see if this style is the right fit for you and we can make any adjustments based on how your hair wears throughout the day of your preview appointment.   

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