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Bridal hair romance

Bringing to life romantic textured hairstyles of your dreams. 

Photo by @bonphotage

I hear YOU. 

Chicago Brides,

You are a natural Bride looking for a bridal hairstylist who specializes in soft romantic texture hairstyles.

You are scarred from your past hair trauma as a bridesmaid because the hairstylist didn’t listen to you and gave you an unflattering outdated hairstyle.

You are struggling to find a bridal hairstylist who has experience creating texture on dark hair without the frizz.

You are worried that your updo will fall apart after a few hours because your hair is thick and heavy.

You want to feel confident working with a hairstylist who actually has years of experience with wedding hair.  

You are looking for a professional who is kind, reliable, and responsive.


Photo by Anamaira @anamariavieriuphotography



To provide an exceptional experience that will allow you to wake up the morning of your wedding with confidence and excitement for your hair.

It’s more than just hair. It’s a magical experience!  


Elegance by Kim Bride



Photo by Mouna @memoiresenor

Bridal Hair Expert

  • You’ll feel relaxed knowing you are working with a licensed and trained bridal hair expert with over 10 years of experience in weddings. I specialize in romantic textured hairstyles compliment your natural fresh-faced bridal makeup. You don’t have to worry about getting glam hair or mega volume here.

Your Hair Preview

  • You will receive up to 2 full hours dedicated to you! We will work together to design a hairstyle that is perfect for you and bring your vision to life. Let’s not forget your hair accessories and veil placement. It’ll be really fun!

One Wedding per day

  • You won’t see me rushing to finish your wedding so I can leave to go to the next. It’s your big day! So that means I am fully committed and focused on making our day as special and magical as it can be.

Complimentary Photo-Ready Touch Up

  • Once hair services are completed, I will stay back 1 hour to ensure that you and bridal party look great before you head out the door! I’ll be there to secure your veil, show a one of your ladies how to take out the veil so you don’t have to do it, and be an extra set of hands to help you. 

Prompt Communication

  • No ghosting here! I won’t make you wait weeks for a response from me. You’ll hear back from me within 72 hours of sending an email.

"Thank you for being the best on my wedding day! My hair turned out amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better experience."


Photo by Shannon Lee





Photo by Mouna @memoiresenor




Photo by @clayhousephoto


Photo by @bonphotage


Your Bridal 

Hair Preview

Why is your preview with me different?

  • Private Elegance by Kim bridal hair studio reserved just for you.  

  • Calm private space for you to relax and enjoy the experience. No loud, nosy, busy, and crowded in a salon.

  • You won’t be rushed or double booked during another client’s color processing time. You’ll receive up to 2 full hours of undivided attention.

  • Hair Preview reserved exclusively for Elegance by Kim Brides only. This means there is more time and date availabilities for you to book from.


Photo by @bonphotage


Photo by @bonphotage

Asian Brides,


Are you stressed trying to find the right hairstylist who is able to create beautiful texture on Asian hair? 

Are you looking for a hairstylist who has years of experience working with glossy silky Asian hair?

Do you have a round face like me and you're looking for a stylist who understands how to create a style that will flatter your face shape?

Are you afraid of running late on your wedding day because your hairstylist is struggling with your heavy thick hair?


  • I understand your concerns and I am here to help! I have been a bridal hairstylist for over 10 years and have worked with over 200 Asian Brides

  • You can trust that I have experience working with Asian hair types and I know how to create longetivity for your style.

  • You'll feel confident knowing that your style is curated to enhance your features and minimize the ones you dislike. 

  • I specialize in creating long-lasting texture on dark hair so you can sit back, relax, and know you will be taken care of. Isn't that a great feeling?



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