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Hollywood Waves is a beautiful classic style and it is one of my signature looks to creates for my brides! Review the answers to commonly asked questions about Hollywood Waves to see if it is the right look for you.


“I know I want Hollywood Waves for my wedding day, can I skip the hair preview?”

  • Booking a preview is REQUIRED if you would like to have Hollywood Waves.


“Why is it important for me to have a hair preview if I want Hollywood Waves?”

  • Hollywood Waves is such an intricate structured style that holds differently on different hair types. A hair preview will allow us to see how well your waves hold based on your hair type and it will allow you to give feedback on any adjustments that need to be made for your big day.


“I have never done Hollywood Waves before. Will this style last all day on me?”

  • The longevity of your style depends on a lot of factors: your hair type (whether it holds curls well), your dress, products used, weather conditions (indoor vs. outdoor, humidity, heat, sweat), etc. These are all factors you need to consider when choosing a hairstyle. A hair preview would allow you to see if this style is the right fit for you. 


“My hair does not hold a curl well. Will Hollywood Waves work for me?”

  • Option 1: We can test out the longevity of the style with clip-in hair extensions as extensions tend to hold curls well. You will need to bring your prepped hair extensions with you to your preview.

  • Option 2: If you do not want to take any chances, an updo is best if you know your hair does not hold a curl well.


“How should I prep my clip-in hair extensions?”

  • Your hair extensions must be 100% real human hair. Your extensions will need to be cut, blended, and customized to your hair at your cut/color salon prior to your hair preview appointment.


“My hair is shoulder length. Am I still able to do Hollywood Waves?”

  • Yes, it is still possible! Keep in mind that you will lose a little bit of length when your hair is curled. You may need extensions if you are looking for more volume and extra length.


“Can I try out Hollywood Waves and a different style at my hair preview?”

  • We are not able to try multiple styles in one appointment if you are doing Hollywood Waves. Since it is a more intricate and sensitive style, you will need to wear it for the full day in order to test the longevity of how it wears in your hair. You will need to set a second preview appointment on another day to try a different style.


“I do not like a lot of hair products in my hair. Can I opt out of using hair products?”

  • When it comes to bridal hair (especially Hollywood Waves), it takes A LOT of products to ensure a long-lasting style that will last all day. The longevity of your style cannot be guaranteed without the use of hair products.

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